Fiber optic infrastructure is becoming popular in various applications, such as internet, telephone, audio/video, broadcasting, security, etc. All of these applications require high reliability of fiber optic system. Indeed, the cleaning of fiber endface is very important to the performance and life of fiber optic system.

In order to maintain high performance of fiber optic system, we launch a new product – Smart Fiber Endface Cleaner (made in Japan). The features include pocket size, easy to use and 1800 times usage.

* Light in weight
* Compact Size
* 1800 times cleaning usage
* Easy to Use
* Cost Effective

Before Use After Use

1. Push the "S" character and open the cover 2. Ready to clean the ferrule

3. Rub the ferrule endface in order to clean the dirt 4. Turn the roller wind for new wipe

5. The remaining usage is shown at the back side orange window


User Manual